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Sean Gunn is an American actor who is known for playing Kraglin in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and Kirk Gleason on the TV show titled ‘Gilmore Girls’.

Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn Biography

Sean Gunn is an American actor who is famously known for playing Kraglin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (both vol 1 and 2). He is also known for playing Kirk Gleason on the TV show titled ‘Gilmore Girls’.

Sean Gunn Age

Gunn was born on May 22, 1974, in St. Louis Missouri. He is 44 years old as of 2018.

Sean Gunn Family

Sean is the youngest sibling of six children. He is the son of James and Leota Gunn.
He is also the brother of filmmaker James Gunn, who he often appears in his films. His other brothers are Matt Gunn; an actor and political writer, Brian Gunn; screenwriter, Patrick Gunn; producer and former Executive Vice President of Artisan Entertainment. He also has a sister; Beth Gunn, an employment attorney.
Sean also has a cousin, Mark Gunn.

Sean Gunn Fiance

Sean Gunn is engaged to Natasha Halevi, an actress.

Sean Gunn Children

No information about Gunn’s children is disclosed.

Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn School

Sean attended Jesuit St. Louis University High School together with all his brothers. He graduated in 1992.
After high school, he joined DePaul University and took the theatre program (The Goodman School). He graduated in 1996.
After school, Gunn started a theatre company with friends.

Sean Gunn Guardians Of The Galaxy 

Although he is reputable for his role in ‘Gilmore Girls’, Gunn has also made guest appearances on other TV shows like ‘Bunheads’, ‘Yes, Dear’ and ‘Angel’. He has also done commercials; as an agent for the text message information service,
He starred in ‘The Man Who Invented the Moon’ in 2003. It was directed by John Cabrera; his close artistic colleague since his school days at Goodman School of Drama.
Gunn, alongside his brothers, is a creator of ‘PG Porn’, the spoof-porn series.
He is also the voice actor behind the Swan in the Warner Bros video game, ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’.
Gunn also guest-starred in’Glee’ season 4 as Phineas Hyes, a committee member.
He provided an on-set working for the role of Rocket. He also played Kraglin (Yondu Udonta’s second-in-command) in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in 2014. In the same year, he reprised his role as Kraglin, only that this time, he played a larger role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’
Apart from films and television shows, Gunn has also posed for Nick Holmes’s photography portraits.

Sean Gunn Filmography





1996 Tromeo and Juliet Sammy Capulet/Performer
1997 Stricken Guffy
1999 The Auteur Theory Tori York
2000 The Specials Alien Orphan
2001 Love, Sex & Murder The Waiter
2001 Pearl Harbor Traction Sailor
2003 The Man Who Invented the Moon Sammy Hughes
2004 Fish Out of Water Jim
2005 Jesus, Mary and Joey Stevie
2008 Pants on Fire PK
2010 Super Toby
2012 The Giant Mechanical Man George
2013 Who the F Is Buddy Applebaum Pinto
2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Kraglin
2015 The Hive Dr. Baker
2016 The Belko Experiment Marty Espenscheid
2016 Ordinary World Ted
2016 Po Ben
2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Kraglin
2018 Avengers: Infinity War Rocket
2019 Avengers: Endgame Rocket





1999 Any Day Now Clerk
2000 Brutally Normal Lenny
1999–2000 Angel Mars/Lucas
2000 The Michael Richards Show Dennis
2000–2007 Gilmore Girls Kirk Gleason/Swan Man/Mick/Performer
2001 Inside Schwartz Focus Group Guy #2
2001 DAG Ryan
2001 3rd Rock from the Sun Attendant
2001 Going to California Joey ‘Fuzz’ Fucetti
2002 Yes, Dear David Scott
2002–2003 Andy Richter Controls the Universe Phil
2004 Gilmore Girls Backstage Special Himself
2007–2008 October Road Rooster
2008 Scream Queens Himself – Guest
2008 Sparky & Mikaela Dude
2008 Humanzee! Humanzee
2008–2009 PG Porn Peppermint Patty/Bill Scrotey/Jason/Creator/Writer
2009 The Jace Hall Show Himself
2009 True Jackson, VP  
2011 The Homes Paul
2011 For a Green Card Andrew
2011 The Morning After  
2012 Antiques Roadshow Himself – Feedback Booth Participant
2012 Glee Phineas Hayes
2012–2013 H+ Jason O’Brien
2012–2013 Bunheads Sebastian
2013 The Education of Eddie and Mortimer Creepy Carl
2014 The Victoria Uyen Show Himself
2014 Bones Dr. Howard Fitch
2016 Superstore Card Shopper
2016 Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Kirk Gleason
2018 Robot Chicken Rich Uncle Pennybags/Mayor Larry Vaughn (voices)

Sean Gunn Net Worth

Gunn has a net worth of $6 million

Sean Gunn Height

He stands at 1.83 meters.

Sean Gunn Twitter

Sean Gunn Instagram

Sean Gunn Interview

Interview with Sean Gunn – Gilmore Girls and Guardians of the Galaxy

Published: March 15, 2017
Cornwall Ontario – St. Louis, Missouri born actor Sean Gunn, famous for his roles in the television show Gilmore Girls and the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, will be a special guest at The Cornwall & Area Pop Event (CAPE) this April 22nd and 23rd, 2017.
Sean Gunn’s big break happened when he was cast to play the quirky character of Kirk Gleason on Gilmore Girls. Is Sean quirky like his character of Kirk?
“Well, I essentially created the role myself. When I was cast on the show originally, it was just for a one-day costar role as the “DSL Installer”. Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator of the show, liked what I did enough to keep asking me back and eventually it turned into a regular job. As for whether I’m a quirky person in real life, I have no idea. Isn’t everyone? I guess I can say that I don’t think Kirk I are terribly similar, even though he does come out of my psyche somehow, so there’s that,” said Sean Gunn.
The actor was happy to reprise his role in the 2016 four-part Netflix series “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. Five minutes into the first episode the character of Kirk introduces the world to his Ooober taxi service (not to be confused with Uber).
“I liked the new series a great deal. As an actor, to be able to perform really well-written scripts is rare, and it’s a gift. So I’m grateful. I really enjoy playing Kirk, and it was nice to slip into that skin again. Seeing all the actors, many of whom I’d not seen in a while, was one of the best parts of the experience,” Sean Gunn disclosed.
Sean Gunn also played the character of Kraglin in Guardians of the Galaxy, and he will be reprising that role in the sequel which comes out on April 25th. The original film stars Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper. The movie is about a group of intergalactic criminals who must work together to save the Universe. Sean Gunn describes his favourite scene in the movie as Kraglin.
“My favorite scene was when I got to shout “Cap’ns gotta teach stuff!” to the rest of the Ravager crew. I’m very excited to share the second movie with an audience. I know it’s going to be great, and I have an expanded role as well,” Sean Gunn stated.
In addition to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Sean Gunn’s character of Kraglin is also scheduled to appear in the 2018 release “Avengers: Infinity War”.
Sean Gunn’s resume also includes roles on TV shows like Bones, Glee, Angel, and Third Rock from the Sun; as well as movies like Super and Pearl Harbor.
In 1996 Sean Gunn completed his education at DePaul University where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.
“I have pretty much always been an actor. From the time I was old enough to know what a profession was, it was the one I wanted. My whole life has been geared toward it,” Sean Gunn reflected.
When Sean Gunn prepares for a new roles, he focuses on learning the lines first with no performance attached to it.
“When I prepare for a new role I begin by learning my lines cold, in a neutral fashion with no performance added on. Then I slowly construct the circumstances from my character’s point of view–where is he coming from, where is he going, why is he there. I like to know what he’s thinking about when he’s not speaking. Once I feel like I’m thinking in character, the lines flow naturally,” Sean Gunn recaled.
In 1999 and 2000 Sean Gunn played two different characters on the television show Angel – a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His lasting memory of appearing on that show was the grueling make-up sessions.
“Gosh, that was some time ago. I remember that makeup took a long while–at least 3 hours. And I had to wear contacts, which I’d never done. It was whirlwind. The second time I did the show the main thing I remember is that I had cut myself shaving–badly–a couple of days before we shot and I had an ugly scab over my lip. It was embarrassing and took a lot of makeup to cover,” Sean Gunn reminisced.
Angel’s creator Joss Whedon named one of his characters on the show Gunn after working with both Sean Gunn and his brother James Gunn.
The show Angel starred David Boreanaz, who also starred in another television program that Sean Gunn would later work on. In 2014 Sean Gunn played the character of Dr. Howard Fitch on the hit television show Bones.
After his appearance on Angel, Sean Gunn appeared on the beloved comedy Third Rock with the Sun in 2001 along side legendary actor John Lithgrow. It was a great learning experience for a young Sean Gunn watching John Lithgrow in his element.
“The main thing anyone would say about John Lithgow is that he is unbelievably kind and generous. He clearly took so much joy from the profession of acting and I emulate that. I remember that the year that I guest-starred I got a Christmas card from John, which I found quite touching,” said Sean Gunn.
That same year Sean Gunn appeared in the blockbuster movie Pearl Harbour directed by Michael Bay and starring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, and Josh Hartnett. The film grossed about $200 million dollars. Sean Gunn didn’t get a history lesson working on Pearl Harbour but he did enjoy the quality of food while working on the high budget film.
“Ha! I didn’t learn anything from working on the movie other than that the food is great on movies with a high budget. But I’d like to think I’m reasonably well-read, and I knew a little bit from school,” Sean Gunn stated.
In 2010 Sean Gunn played the character of Toby in the movie Super which starred Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler. It was directed and written by his brother James Gunn.
In 2012 Sean Gunn also appeared on Season 4 of the television show Glee.
“Well, my scene was cut way down, as were all my lines. That’s never fun. But I enjoyed working with the cast and crew,” said Sean Gunn who sometimes does karaoke.
“My favorite song to sing when I do karaoke is “Gentle On My Mind”, Sean Gunn added.
Sean Gunn has done over 20 comic conventions, and he recalls his most interesting experience at a Con.
“I’ve now done over 20 Comic Cons, and it is always a joyful experience for me to meet fans. As an actor, I do what I do so that my work will be seen and appreciated by people. So to have direct contact with those people is gratifying. My most interesting experience was probably attending a Star Wars wedding in a conference room during a Con,” said Sean Gunn.
Last year’s CAPE featured a visually stunning wedding when organizers Carol and Randy Sauve tied the knot.
Sean Gunn is looking forward to meeting the fans in Cornwall at CAPE days before the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy hits movie theatres.
“To the fans in Cornwall I want to say that I can’t wait to meet you and check out your excellent city! I have always had a great time with Canadian people and enjoyed their friendliness and hospitality. We’re going to have a great time!” Sean Gunn concluded.

Sean Gunn Latest News

Sean Gunn Says Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Is Still Happening’-YouTube


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